Dear students,

Many of you have been inquiring with our staff about whether you have to check out of your rooms immediately or not based on the information that has been shared recently.  Hopefully, this email will provide you with the information you need.

Due to the nature of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are requiring students to check out of the residence halls earlier than May 10, 2020.  Students are strongly encouraged to begin the preparations to check out as early as possible.

Checking Out

The following check-out dates are set for specific students.  Please review the list below and follow the check-out dates mentioned.

To assist students with check-out, Check-Out Procedures and FAQs can be found online and via flyers in the residence halls.  If there are additional questions, check with the CRE/RHCC in the respective residence halls or contact us at

Considerations for staying

If students have specific reasons to request for an extended time to stay on campus, they can complete the Special Request for Extension form online.  We have limited availability on campus.  We may consider the following criteria:

The Residence Life Administrative Team will communicate with the students whether their requests have been approved or not via email.  Students will be expected to relocate to another residence hall/room when they are available. An update will be communicated with the students as soon as a room becomes available.

Furthermore, the current situation is fluid, meaning expectations, policies, and information may change as we get through this.  Updates will be shared with the students via email as much as possible. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we navigate through this rapidly changing situation.

Questions can be sent to

Thank you,

Travis Imel
Dean of Student Affairs

Susan Hanrahan
Director of Residence Life and Housing