To all parents and caregivers at Clerc Center:

We know that your children and their safety are paramount to you; we know they are very important to us. That’s why, when we began working to design our learning portal and instructional delivery, we worked with Gallaudet Technology Services to develop security measures which our teachers can implement in order to ensure we can meet our goals while also protecting our students.

At Clerc Center, we’ll be employing synchronous, asynchronous and self-paced e-learning opportunities for our students. For synchronous events, we will be using Zoom. We know that there have been widely publicized events called Zoombombings and because of this many school systems are now banning the use of Zoom. At Clerc Center, we employ three strategies to ensure safety.

  1. Use of Zoom Pro and formal Zoom accounts for students. One security gap for some Zoom meetings has been the use of free Zoom accounts. As part of Gallaudet our teachers obtain Zoom Pro accounts with additional security features and each of our students has their own Zoom account.
  2. Incorporation of the Waiting Room strategy from Zoom. As of a recent update meetings now incorporate ‘Waiting Rooms’ and hosts can review and permit or block attendance.
  3. Use of authentication for meetings. By creating Zoom accounts for students, we can require domain level authentication and ensure that anyone joining a meeting can be identified and must be a part of the Clerc Center community.

We are also employing instructional strategies such as team teaching to ensure there is always support available in the meeting room. We will continue to work closely with Gallaudet Technology services to monitor the situation and ensure that our students can participate in online learning opportunities and expect the same safe environment we provide in Clerc Center classrooms.


Nicole and Marianne

Marianne Belsky,

Chief Academic Officer

Nicole Sutliffe,

Chief Administrative Officer