Seeing the activism and public health work that deaf communities are doing around the world to promote public safety and to ensure communication and information access in signed languages, several Gallaudet departments/programs collaborated to set up an open-access database to document signed language information resources (International Development MA Program, Department of Interpretation and Translation, Department of Linguistics].

The purpose for collecting this content is to support deaf community advocacy efforts in emergency contexts including: interaction with governments in national and international policy forums, signed-spoken language interpretation, linguistic analysis and advocacy, and political representation. We welcome you to contribute to this resource, by sharing links to videos and print-based stories on emergency-related signed language information that you created or found helpful to you.

Target users: activists, advocates, interpreters, translators, linguists, NGOs, and government agencies

Primary function: recording/documenting signed language resources for social advocacy

Content criteria: public information created by worldwide deaf community organizations, videos of deaf interpreters working in public information settings, and print or video news items about deaf advocacy and signed language access

How can information be added:

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