Dear Gallaudet and Clerc Center employees:

As part of the shared governance philosophy that is rooted at Gallaudet University and Clerc Center, the University recognizes and supports the use of open letters to amplify the voice of employee and student governing groups. Through this mechanism, we are able to publicly and candidly share our hopes and concerns with our peers and colleagues.

The open letter is a powerful tool meant to bring widespread awareness to issues important to us as a community. It is precisely because of their far-reaching and public nature that open letters should be used responsibly. To maximize the opportunity to exchange ideas and perspectives, the tone should strive to invite thoughtful participation and constructive dialogue.

In addition to open letters, there are other mechanisms through which employees can express their concerns and seek issue resolution. Depending on the circumstances of the grievance or issue, one of the channels listed below may be more appropriate.

We believe that every member of our community deserves to feel safe and protected, and free from fear of retaliation for giving voice to their concerns for discussion and/or resolution. We are continually revisiting our processes and policies to ensure equity, transparency, and efficiency, and welcome any feedback on how we can improve.


Equal Opportunity Programs
Human Resources