To the Gallaudet community:

Gallaudet University is happy to introduce the Information Technology Steering Committee (ITSC). The ITSC is responsible for helping Gallaudet make more informed, strategic, and impactful technology-related decisions.

The ITSC will work together to review proposals, provide feedback and make recommendations for the co-chairs’ review and final approval/decision rights. The two co-chairs are Dominic Lacy, Chief Operating Officer, and Dr. Jeffrey Lewis, Interim Provost.


Having an IT governance structure will: 


When reviewing proposals, ITSC looks to three guiding principles:


Meet the ITSC team 


What has the ITSC Committee been up to?

ITSC has been working on three important projects that will revolutionize our virtual campus experience.


When should a request be submitted?

Submitting your IT requests

Requests are to be submitted at Each request will be reviewed against the criteria outlined below. Once a decision is made, someone from the ITSC will reach out to you about the status of your request.



Submit your IT request


Dominic N. Lacy
Chief Operating Officer

Jeffrey W. Lewis
Interim Provost