Coronavirus Update: 2.5.20

#Coronavirus update as of February 5, 2020!

Stay healthy during the #FluSeason:
– stay home and rest if you’re sick ?
– wash your hands often ?
– eat well ??
– get enough sleep ?
– drink plenty of water ?

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Transcript: Current coronavirus update: CDC has confirmed 28 countries with 2019-nCoV cases. In the U.S., five states have 2019-nCoV cases confirmed in Washington, California, Arizona, Illinois, and Massachusetts. CDC is closely monitoring people under investigation (PUIs). There is a total of 293 PUIs with 11 positive cases and 206 negative cases. CDC is still monitoring 76 pending cases. CDC explains the coronavirus is NOT currently spreading in the U.S. It is important to note that flu activity is high in the U.S. Be sure to stay healthy, especially if you haven’t been vaccinated. You know the drill. Stay home when you’re sick, wash your hands often, eat well, get enough sleep, and drink plenty of water!