We are implementing contact tracing. This is a fundamental activity that involves working with patients, both symptomatic and asymptomatic, who have been diagnosed with an infectious disease to identify and provide support to people (contacts) who may have been infected through exposure to the patient. This process prevents further transmission of disease by separating people who have (or may have) an infectious disease from people who do not.

If the contact tracing team needs to reach you, they will use your videophone/telephone number, text number, and email address on file in Bison. Please log into your Bison account and make sure that your information is correct.

Not feeling well? Possible exposure to COVID-19? Email contact.tracing@gallaudet.edu.

Refresher on Accessing Campus

We are still in Phase 1 of the Gallaudet Way Forward plan. Access to campus will continue to be closely monitored and restricted, with most of our employees working remotely and teaching virtually.


ACCESS: Approval to come to campus during the fall semester


Fall Repeated Access List: This is a list of people approved to either be on campus or come to campus throughout the entire fall semester. It was generated by each Executive Team member. Examples of people on this list include current on-campus students, residents, and essential employees.


Fall One-time Access Permits: This is a permit generated by the Department of Public Safety for those who are not on the Repeated Access List, but who must come to campus for a brief time: for example, to pick up a package at the post office or supplies from your private office. This should be for tasks that are absolutely necessary for classes or operations of your unit.


Already on the Repeated Access List?

Do you need to access campus one time?

For University community members

For Clerc Center community members

If you would like to be added to the Repeated Access List, please contact your Executive Team leader. If your request is approved, your Executive Team leader will let us know.

HEALTH ASSESSMENTS: Health assessments must be completed on a daily basis by on-campus adult residents and anyone coming to campus.

Have you completed COVID-19 Safety Training?

Have you not completed COVID-19 Safety Training, but need to come to campus? 


Campus Access Permits and Health Assessments are two completely different things. Anyone coming to campus is required to complete both and show your ID. 


Before you come to campus:

These are the expectations while you are on campus:

For access-related questions, please email covid.access@gallaudet.edu.

For COVID-19 related questions, please email coronavirus@gallaudet.edu.

DC’s Updated High Risk States List: Anyone coming into Washington, DC from a high-risk state (within the prior 14 days) who was traveling for non-essential activities will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days from their arrival in the District. Individuals traveling from high-risk states after essential travel or arriving in the District for essential travel are required to self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 for 14 days and, if they show signs or experience symptoms of COVID-19, they are to self-quarantine and seek medical advice or testing. Here is the current list of High Risk States. This list should be used until November 2, 2020. (Slides if needed)