Dear Students:

We hope that you and your family and friends are safe and healthy. Spring break has ended, and Gallaudet has moved to remote teaching, with online classes beginning yesterday (Monday, March 23). We realize that many of you will be challenged by this change and might have a hard time switching from learning within a classroom environment face- to-face with your instructors, to remote virtual instruction.

In addition to the change in environment, you might be experiencing anxiety, fear, and uncertainty about the level of national and global upheaval. All of us feel the same way. The world we knew has changed overnight, and we are all adjusting to a new normal.

In recognition of the confusion and disorientation that we are all feeling, your professors are adjusting syllabi and class deadlines this week. They are going to use this time to discuss what is happening, and introduce their new approaches to teaching and learning. Your professors have spent most of last week preparing for your return. Be sure to reach out to them by email, Zoom, or videophone to discuss your concerns and questions.

We recognize that the disruption to your education in the middle of the semester is very likely to have an impact on your grades. Therefore, the University is working on several measures to make it easier for you. We will communicate these measures to you later this week.

We are glad to see you back!


Carol J. Erting

Please visit our Academic Continuity – Coronavirus (COVID-19) webpage for useful information!