Dear Campus Community:

As we all continue to transition to a “new normal” that will include more remote work, we want to ensure our office continues to provide excellent service and support.

In order to ensure financial services and transactions continue uninterrupted during this time, please review the following information and proceed accordingly.

Thank you.


Lisa Clarke
Interim Chief Financial Officer
Finance Office

General Ledger

Where can I find various forms?

Signature authority forms:
Available via E-Sign as “Finance Office Signature Authority Forms”; should be routed to the Finance Office to Lyndsey Cox at

Interdepartmental invoices:
Available via E-Sign as “Interdepartmental Invoice”; should be routed to Aldo Cornejo at

Grant-related questions:
Can be directed to Kevin Peacock at We are in the process of making as many grant forms online as possible.

Budget revisions and cost transfers:
Should be emailed to Tracy Berman-Kagan at, Specific formats are not needed; Excel spreadsheets or email messages are fine.

I have questions about Commerce Manager. Who should I ask?

Questions about Commerce Manager can be directed to Stephen DaSilva at This includes issues with current Commerce Manager setups and new setups needed.

Will daily reports still be available?

Daily Reports will continue to be available on the R Drive. For issues concerning reports or report access, please email Stephen DaSilva at  In addition, if there are additional reporting needs, contact Tracy Berman-Kagan or Stephen DaSilva.

How can I contact General Ledger staff?

If there is a need to have “Zoom” conversations or “Google” Hangouts with anyone in the General Ledger finance area, we remain accessible and available. Please email any of us to set up a convenient time/method to meet.

Student Financial Services

Is Student Financial Services open?

Student Financial Services is closed. Its staff is working remotely, and can answer questions regarding student accounts and VR authorizations. Students can email questions/concerns to A response will normally be provided within 48 hours.

Are refund checks being processed?

Refund checks continue to be processed for students with negative balances stemming from financial aid, private loans, and other forms of payment that create a negative credit. Refund processing takes up to 14 business days. Students are encouraged to complete a Direct Deposit form to receive their refunds, and email it to

Are VR authorizations being processed?

VR authorizations are still being accepted and processed. If there are questions or concerns about VR funding/support, students may email and copy their VR counselor. Please note that the transition to working remotely may result in delays while staff ensure that all authorizations are in the system and invoiced to the appropriate agency.

Are tuition waivers, tuition assistance, and educational assistance forms being processed?

Tuition Waivers:
Forms for employees and their dependents taking undergraduate and graduate courses at Gallaudet can be found at

Tuition Assistance:
Forms for dependents of employees taking undergraduate courses at other educational institutions can be found at

Educational Assistance:
Forms for employees taking undergraduate and graduate courses at other educational institutions can be found at

Cashier’s Office

Is the Cashier’s Office open?

The Cashier’s Office is closed, and is providing services remotely. All services are operational. Cash-related questions can be directed to, and Petty Cash reimbursement requests should go to Accounts Payable at

Accounts Payable

Is Accounts Payable open?

Accounts Payable is closed. Staff carry on their duties remotely, answering emails and performing accounts payable duties.

For check requests and invoices, email

For travel-related questions, advances, and reimbursements, email

For purchase card questions and submissions, email

Direct Deposit recommended for processing all payments: Accounts Payable strongly encourages using direct deposit (forms available at instead of paper checks. Requests for setting up a direct deposit can be emailed to

Accounts Payable invites the campus community to email them at with questions, or to request a Zoom or videophone meeting.

Contracts and Purchasing

Are there any changes to contracts and purchasing processes?

Purchase requisitions for goods and contracts, Staples account requests, and purchasing account requests via Adobe Sign continue unchanged. Central Receiving is open and continues to receive and deliver orders. All forms and instructions can be found at Questions and concerns should be directed to

COVID-19 Related Expenses and Revenue Losses

We are concerned about COVID-19 expenses and revenue losses. What should we do?

Concerns about COVID-19 related expenses and revenue losses that you feel have made an impact on your department and division level budget should be relayed to William Hughes, assistant treasurer, at or 202-250-2096. He will arrange a VP, Zoom, or Google Hangouts discussion.

How can we handle budget transactions and emergency/urgent wire transfers?

For questions or concerns regarding budget revisions, wire transfers, or university banking matters (i.e., PNC Bank, Bank of America), please contact William Hughes, Assistant Treasurer, at or 202-250-2096 to request a Zoom or Google Hangouts appointment.

How can we obtain EchoSign Forms?

To have a Finance Office form made available via EchoSign, please contact the Finance Office. Staff will be happy to assist.