Dear students, staff, and faculty:

At this time, students may have a lot of questions and uncertainty about the fast-moving changes and expectations in both their living and learning environments. The Division of Academic Affairs recognizes this uncertainty and is available to work with students and faculty. This is a great opportunity to model resilience, flexibility, adaptability, problem-solving, and creativity in the midst of sudden change.  Academic Affairs, including our Academic Advising, Career Center and Student Success teams, is available to provid e support as we also work with other Gallaudet divisions, including Gallaudet Technology Services and Gallaudet Interpreting Service (to name a few) to strengthen our ability to support your needs during this time.

We want to share with you some important updates on the academic support available during this time, including:

Tutoring and Instructional Programs (TIP): To maintain academic quality and support, Gallaudet University will provide online tutoring for students who may need additional academic support. Gallaudet strongly encourages all current tutors to consider continuing their roles as tutors and adjust their tutoring delivery toward our students online via Zoom (click here for more resources on using Zoom). Please work with eLearning for any technology-related issues. Students, if you are in need of tutoring services, please continue to use Navigate to set up an appointment with a tutor for these academic services. Tutors: You will continue to need to clock in/out using the same process as you have always had. Please consult with your department and/or tutoring coordinators for any additional information you may need.

Library Services and Access: The Gallaudet University Library and Archives will remain accessible to students, staff, and faculty during this period of remote teaching and learning.  We are dedicated to not only providing our normal electronic access, but also investigating options for accessing physical materials held at Gallaudet to enhance access. We will receive requests for materials through and the online chat services on our website, The following links and LibGuides will assist with research and materials accessibility through our current library website.  We will be updating our webpage with further information and instructions throughout the coming days and weeks. Please contact us with any questions, requests, or comments at or 202-779-9478 videophone.

Archives Services and Access: The Gallaudet Deaf Collections and Archives is dedicated to providing students and faculty with access to physical materials via digitization and scanning work during this period of remote teaching and learning. We are available at, on the website, or 202-250-2604 videophone.  Many resources from the Archives are available online at the website above, but let us know if there are additional archival assets with which you need assistance during this time.

Office for Students With Disabilities (OSWD): Students who are currently receiving OSWD services should continue to work with our OSWD staff and your instructor to discuss accessibility needs as we work together to shift from face-to-face to online instruction. All OSWD students, as with all students, are instructed to follow the University protocol to leave campus as a precaution and for the purpose of safety.  If you feel that staying on campus is the only alternative to obtain high-quality access to education remotely, please complete the Special Request for Extensionform online for consideration to remain on campus to receive academic support for remote learning.

Internships: All students who are currently participating in internships should adhere to the policies/protocols established by your internship site.  Communicate with your university supervisor about any changes to your internship, as this may have an impact on your ability to complete your program or attain licensure.  If you have local internships that are tied to your academic credit and need to stay on campus to continue your interships, please complete theSpecial Request for Extension form online if you have not already done so. Summer internships are pending and more information will be forthcoming.

Students who have been studying abroad have returned home. Decisions on summer internships and study abroad are pending. For information regarding studying abroad, please

Federal Work Study: Federal Student Aid has issued guidance about the use of Federal Work Study (FWS) to support “disaster-affected” students.  As you know, Gallaudet is taking measures in response to COVID-19 through alternative instructional opportunities, and students are still incurring tuition costs. Because students depend on Federal Work Study to help pay those tuition expenses, we can and will allow students to continue receiving Federal Work Study (FWS) funding during this time.

International Students: For our international students, the United States government is now permitting international students to take online courses while their university moves to remote instruction. International students need sign-offs before they leave the United States, and we will ensure that they (and visiting international scholars) are aware of the high likelihood that they might not be allowed to return or will be quarantined. International students who remain on campus may face emotional stress and isolation; ISSS will monitor, counsel, and refer to other units as warranted. Contact International Student and Scholar Services via

Academic/Faculty Advising: Academic/Faculty Advisors will remain available to help students with all academic decisions (e.g., declare majors, select courses for next fall). We encourage you to contact your academic/faculty advisors with any questions you may have.

Financial Aid: For students who are being asked to leave their dormitory, there will be no room and board charges incurred after March 18, 2020. You may wish to leave your dormitory earlier than March 18, you will still be billed room and board for the time prior to March 18, 2020. If all or a portion of your housing and meal plan costs were paid for out of pocket, and you do not have any other outstanding charges to the University, then your money will be refunded to you. Please allow two weeks after your room and meal plan adjustments have been made to your student account for Student Financial Services to process your refund. If you successfully appeal to remain on campus through the Special Request for Extension process, no changes will be made to your student account and your financial aid will not be impacted. View the announcement from the Office of Financial Aid.

Final Examinations: May 6 to 8 is our final examination period. Any final examinations that were intended to be conducted face-to-face will now be conducted remotely/virtually.

Thank you.

The Office of the Provost