Clerc Center Teachers, Staff and Families –

We wanted to take a moment today to thank you. This week has been incredibly stressful for everyone as we watched the news unfold about this global pandemic.

To our dedicated teachers and staff – thank you for ensuring education continued this week under very challenging circumstances. Your support for students – both with understanding this pandemic and how to keep themselves healthy, and supporting them through a difficult decision to extend our spring break – is very much appreciated. We recognize you put students first while you were also processing your own concerns about health and safety. We are lucky to have each of you working with us through this difficult time. A special thank you to student life staff who coordinated travel arrangements with families late into the evening last night and all day today.

To our families – thank you for your patience and understanding as we worked to evaluate the quickly changing circumstances and make the decision to extend our break. We are very aware of the challenges this has created for families, unfortunately all across the country. You support is very much appreciated. For MSSD families, we can’t thank you enough for your quick response yesterday to make travel plans for your children. We know this was challenging emotionally too having your child travel alone during this crisis. Our students will be greatly missed during this time and we look forward to welcoming them back as soon as we are able.

We will be communicating over the weekend only if something significant changes. Otherwise, our next communication will be an update Monday.

Take care everyone and stay well.

Marianne Belsky, Chief Academic Officer
Nicole Sutliffe, Chief Administrative Officer