Dear Community:

The Gallaudet University Board of Trustees will meet from Wednesday, October 14 through Friday, October 16, 2020. All meetings will be virtual, and public meetings will be livestreamed on Facebook. If you are DeafBlind and have close or low vision, please use the Zoom links below for close or low vision interpretation.

The schedule below is subject to change and uses working committee names as follows: The Committees on Budget and Operations, Investment, and Development are consolidated as Finance and Investments; and the Committees on Academic Affairs, National Deaf Education, and Student Affairs are consolidated as Academic Excellence and Student Success.


Wednesday, October 14
1-3 p.m.
Committee on Finance and Investments
Watch on Facebook | Close/Low Vision


Thursday, October 15
11:30 a.m.-2 p.m.
Committee on Academic Excellence and Student Success
Watch on Facebook | Close/Low Vision


Friday, October 16
2-3 p.m.
Business Meeting
Watch on Facebook | Close/Low Vision


The Committee on Finance and Investments will discuss reallocating a percentage of the University’s portfolio into social impact funds, as a commitment toward equity. The Board will review the progress of its subcommittee working on the Board Anti-racism plan in a closed meeting, which will also include an update on the University’s anti-racism plan and the Clerc Center’s equity plan.

The Board will hold closed meetings of the Committee on Audit and Compliance and the Committee on Governance. The Board will also hold executive sessions to review President Cordano’s annual performance and to welcome three new members to the Board of Trustees.

Meeting agendas, minutes, and other documents are available in this Google Drive folder.


Glenn B. Anderson, Ph.D., ’68 & H-‘17
Board of Trustees